New Year New Blog!

Welcome to our first University of Nottingham Ladies Hockey blog post!

Our vision for this blog is to provide both insight into the development of our members and teams as well as into our ladies hockey club as a family and support network. 

Currently, our members are getting ready to get right back into the season, at this moment these are our standings in the BUCS league tables:

Ladies 1s 3rd North A

Ladies 2s 4th North B

Ladies 3s 2nd Midlands 2B

Ladies 4s 6th Midlands 2A

Ladies 5s 6th Midlands 3B

Ladies 6s 4th Midlands 3A

If you want to learn more follow us on our twitter account: @UoNLHC for weekly score updates too!

Thought of the week: Are New Year resolutions motivational for sporting success? Even if it is challenging to keep your own resolutions, we are advocates for finding motivation and encouragement from our teammates. Perhaps a more beneficial resolution would be to make sure you continue to be a supportive member of your team for yourself and others. A strong team bond is essential for success! Lets practice and encourage even more team love this week.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned! #BleedGreenAndGold