The Fifth Element

Welcome back to #WeekOfFame! This week I interviewed the Ladies 5s to find out more about the 'Gucci Gang' captained by Megan Wells. The Ladies 5s are currently 5th in the Midlands 3B. After an initial challenging season, the team recently won their first match which was a very celebrated victory. Regardless of their previous scores, the team's response to my survey were utterly positive and uplifting. Let's see what they had to say... 

The Ladies 5s best moment: winning their first match against DeMontford Ladies 1s which one player described as creating "such a feeling of euphoria". This was also voted as the team's best achievement. The team won 3-0, let's hope this is the start of a continuous rise for the 5s!

Worst moment:  

"nothing's bad when you're in the 5s!" 

"ain't any bad moments in the 5's?" 

Pure positive vibes from the fives! Win or lose they "spend ten racks on a new chain" and celebrate! #guccigang

Although... One player described how she had recently bean in the wars... she accidentally got baked beans in her hair! Who knows however, maybe beans will soon be the next ingredient in hair care products... 

Bean and Shoulders, Bean Head, NeutroBEANa, John Beana... the possibilities are endless! You could be onto something ladies fives! #entrepreneurial  

A Best individual achievement: becoming more available for Saturday hockey "wooo we love hockey" (yes we do). That's right! Not only do our teams play matches on Wednesdays but we play on Saturdays too... sometimes even Sundays as well. The dedication to hockey at the University of Nottingham is outstanding and I'd like to thank all our members, coaches and everyone else who puts in the enormous amount of time they do for UONLHC. 

(Wo)man of the match: Emily Daulby / DOD: Chic 

Favourite bus snack: Haribo... Did you know Haribo made the first gummi candy in 1922? No? Well now you do.

Favourite song: by DJ Assault, which you can surprisingly get on vinyl... who knew? Apparently his music "can easily fill a dancefloor if used correctly" - Source: anonomous YouTube commentator with an interest in  'Detroit Ghettotech'. 

Wells had this to say about her time as captain: My individual achievement is, "being captain and managing to keep the team spirit alive despite not doing amazingly in the league." Your hard work has definitely paid off as you were also voted favourite senior by your team! 

Favourite fresher: Esme who apparently has some competative rapping skills... 

Thank you for reading this weeks #WeekOfFame, I hope you learnt a little more about the Ladies 5s, rap music and haribos! Thank you to our ladies 5s for sharing with us this week. Next week we talk to the Ladies 4s! Be sure to check out our other blog post this week which is a match report of the Ladies 2s vs RAF. 

Katie Chason