The Fourth Kind

Welcome to our third #WeekOfFame! So far, we have found out about the snapchat loving Ladies 6s and the Ladies 5s made up of a notorious gucci gang. This week I asked the Ladies 4s all about their highs and lows of playing this year. The Ladies 4s are currently 4th in Midlands 2A. Although the team have had many unfortunate injuries this year with black eyes and a broken wrist, the team remain as pretty as a Peach'er with their jump out of relegation. Their captain Julia Preston had this to say "win or lose we *always have fun*!!" that is one kind of spirit! 

This is what the Ladies 4s had to say about their year in UONLHC: 

Best moment: Moving out of 6th in the League after beating Loughborough. The Lougborough game was a huge win for the team, the match was described by one team mate who said: "miracles do happen."  

Worst moment: Top defender Cramps recently broke her wrist in an unfortunate skiing accident! We wish you a speedy recovery Cramps and hope you are back playing soon!  

As well as this, one player commented on the Ladies 4s decline from their initial title to "4s bores!" Do not worry girls I am sure you are just working hard for your degrees, which come first remember! Degree, Hockey, Fun... something like that right Tails?

Best team moment: Moving out from the relegation zone with an unbeaten 2018 "woop!" The winning streak post Christmas has got the Ladies 4s extremely motivated after a tough first half of the league. 

Best Individual Achievement: Nips finally learning what an overload is, congrats! 

Definition time: "Hockey overloads occur when a team has more attacking players than defending players in one area of the pitch - giving them a numerical superiority and subsequently an improved chance of scoring." Well it is clear why the Ladies 4s have had such a turn around then! 

As well as Snaps performance in the club's recent twist on the Olympics, you get that gold girl. 

Funniest moment: Nips' victory lap after learning what an overload is. 

According to one team mate, Nips and friend Tommy Norris also have very similar looking feet, which can be easily mixed up!  

Vern falling asleep in goal was another highlight of the year. 

(Wo)Man of the Match: it’s a tie! It goes to George and Romeo / DOD: Nips 

Favourite bus snack: again, Haribo has come out on top this week. Perhaps it is UONLHC who are keeping it in business! 

Favourite Song: Riding solo and Tip Toe by Jason Derulo were picked out. Riding solo was described by one teammate as "a banger" well don't stop your shinin' ladies!  

Favourite Senior: Peachy 

Favourite Fresher: Snaps 

Thank you for reading and we will see you again next week when we hear from the Ladies 3s. We are looking forward to it! Thank you again Ladies 4s and remember Jason's words "Now I made it through the weather, better days are gonna get better" keep on shinin' and climbing. 

Katie Chason