3 Are Family

I've got all my sisters with me! Welcome back to our #WeekOfFame and let me introduce you to UONLHC Ladies 3s! The Ladies 3 are currently first in Midlands 2B and with one game to go the team are excited about the prospect of promotion. The 3s are captained by Olivia Ashill, otherwise known as the notorious L.A.M.P. Her motto is: "we win as a team, we lose as a team. But we are more than a team, we are family." 

So throw your hands in the air like you a true (hockey) player and lets see what the ladies 3s had to say: 

Best Moment: victory in the recent match against Loughborough and a clean sheet against Oxbridge this season. 

Worst moment: Like the Ladies 4s, the 3s too have suffered a lot of injuries this season. A speedy recovery to all!  

Team achievement: Has to be – being top of the league and [nearly] winning the league... very supportive of this new hashtag developed by one teammate: #WINSDAYS 

Individual achievements:  

"scoring more goals than i ever did last year" 

"Fitting my fist in my mouth"  err...

"Scoring a sick reverse stick goal" 

"Being captain!" 

"Being the best vice vice captain" lol

"Surviving playing hockey 6 times a week, love it." we love hockey!

"Mandy snapping her stick she's so strong" someones been eating their spinach...

"Getting complemented on my v-drag" - one of the best compliments you could receive really.

Definition time: "The main principle behind V-drags is the ability to drag the ball from either right to left or from left to right to eliminate a member of the opposition. The term V-drag has been coined because whilst executing the drag a V-shape is created with the ball." 

Funniest moments: 

Spoonas inability to own eye makeup remover - for just £1 you can sponsor her to buy some makeup wipes!

"Cassie standing on a ball and absolutely stacking it- Laughed for a solid week" 

When Lamp had to be a traffic warden in Oxford and go in goal... a team with a wide variety of skills

SONG HAT SONG HAT SONG HAT and "Cassie in the corner naaa naa naaa naa" - introduced to the 3s by fellow rugby athletes, the song hat game is a tuneful delight for all on a bus home from a match.

"Mandy back flipping on the balcony but not sticking the landing" oh but did you know Spoona used to do cheerleading? 

Group pit stop on one away match even had the driver giggling 

Favourite Game: introduced by teammate Zippy "Cheese or Disease!" its a gouda one...

(Wo)Man of the Match: Moonie and Ella / DOD: L.A.M.P.  

Team Bus Snack: Chocolate and McDonalds... Apparently the 3s have a strong affiliation for nuggets #AthleteLifestyle

Team Song: DJ Khalid "Another One" and Sister Sledge "We* (3) Are Family"

Goalie K-Dog has especially enjoyed DJing for the team this year. Teammate Barry prefers "music with words" 

Favourite Senior: interestingly the votes did not produce a majority so will go with one answer that was "all of them" - thanks for being such lovable seniors 3s!

Favourite Fresher: Mandy

Good luck to the 3s, we hope you win the league and get promoted. Well done for all your hard work this year and remember this one is "dedicated to all the teachers that told me
I'd never amount to nothing" - Notorious B.I.G. So go for (green and) gold! Best of luck to all of our teams for tomorrow too. Thanks for reading and join us next week when we hear from the Ladies 2s. #WeekOfFame #BleedGreenAndGold #AnotherOne

Katie Chason