The 6th Sense

Welcome to our first #WeekOfFame ! Week by week we will be learning more about the individiual teams that make up UONLHC. This week the Ladies 6s completed a survey to help us learn more about the team with a passion for hat fashion and who single-handedly keep Snapchat in business #WinningWednesdays #DidYouEvenHockeyIfYouDidntSnapIt? Currently 4th in their league, Midlands 3A, the Ladies 6s are captained by Elle Mulligan who motivates her team with her motto “All I do is win” - DJ Khalid.

To develop our 6th Sense about the Ladies 6s, here’s what I found out... from majority votes; 

Best moment of the year so far: Carrot night at crisis - its great to know the Ladies 6s are eating their vegetables! The root to success... whey

Worst moment: Losing, because the 6s win win win no matter what!

Best team achievement: Best bants (self-proclaimed but currently... uncontested)

Best individual achievement: "being dropped and scoring" it is nice to see that the Ladies 6s keep thriving even through harder times. 

(Wo)man of the match: Lig / DOTD: Kale

Favourite bus snack: Haribo/Jelly babies

Favourite Team song: Bonkers - Dizzee Rascal "some people think I'm bonkers, but I just think I'm free." Ladies 6s have that winning  "there's no stopping me" attitude.

Favourite senior: Lig, Sheila, Derek, Dez (It is nice to see how many seniors are loved in the 6s!)

Favourite freshers: Kale* and Tug (*disclaimer: Kale is now a 2nd year but her status remains: "silly").

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for next weeks edition when I interview UONLHC Ladies 5s. For now however, thank you to the Ladies 6s and keep on winning “no matter what”!

Katie Chason