1 More Time

1 more and 1 last time, it’s the final UONLHC #WeekOfFame! Thank you to all of you who have religiously followed the weekly blog posts. I hope you have enjoyed reading them and have learnt a little more about the wonderful Ladies of UONLHC. This week, last but definitely not least, in their build up to the big BUCS semi-final against Birmingham 1s tomorrow, it’s the Ladies 1s! The Ladies 1s finished 3rd in North A this year. The team are captained by Becky Hutson (Hutty) who has been leading the team through some intense training preparation this week, check out our Snapchat (@uonlhc) to see them pumping some iron, phwoar. 

Hutty had this to say: "It's not about being in the right place at the right time. It's about making the best decision and being in the right place every time. That's what brings team success." We hope this inspiration leads you down the road of success and to the finals of big BUCS Wednesday. Especially as the final will be held this year at the University of Nottingham. Pure. Excitement. 

So, lets hear what the Ladies 1s had to say: 

Best Moment: 

Beating Loughborough 4-1 in the first BUCS game of the season 

"scored against Birmingham.. Got the goal on film, Most dramatic celebration of my life.. you’d think we’d won the Olympics" Well we hope to see such dramatic celebrations tomorrow too, what else could compete with the Olympics but big BUCS Wednesday? 

Worst Moment: 

"Weekly Monday 8am gym sesh" ...yikes! But its got you to the semi-finals 1s! (though we do not envy that early start) respect to the ladies who are up before the crack of dawn every week. 

Best team achievement this year: 

Of course its... getting to the Big BUCS Semi Final !! 

Ladies 1s vs Birmingham 1s tomorrow at Birmingham, 6pm PB! 

Best Individual Achievement: 

"getting called up to 'the program'" 

"managing to stay in the team with all the fresh Tails recruited"  

"never throwing up" they pump iron, and they're made of iron too! 

"been on more dates than I have scored goals this season" absolutely thriving ladies... 

Funniest Moments: 

"Baby night" 

"Tait finding memes too funny" 

Paige's sheer dominance over the men's 1s and 4s "bye" 

(Wo)Man of the match: Ella Bromley "BDAY GAAAL" / DOD: Ali – for forgetting her astros / Tait – for being carded "and then sulking about it" / Tutty 

Bus Team Snack: sweet and salty popcorn 

Side Note: Here are the overall responses for UONLHC favourite bus snacks: 

Chocolate 16.36% 

Crisps 9.09% 

Haribo 40% 

Biscuits 0% 

Jellly Babies 10.91% 

Other 23.64% including: "summer body 2k18" and "lucky charms cereal aka lush" 

Team Song: "The Middle" - Zedd, Maren Morris and Grey / "This is me" - Keala Settle, Greatest Showman Soundtrack 

Favourite Senior: Willy / Tutty  

"Tutty (can I vote for myself, then Hutty lol jk)" 

Favourite Fresher: Brom 

Thank you for reading, we hope you have enjoyed the six week journey through UONLHC with us. A massive good luck to you girls tomorrow and all our teams with remaining matches. Remember, "I won't let them break me down to dust, I know that there's a place for us. For we are glorious" -Keala Settle. We are Nottingham, say we are Nottingham! #BleedGreenAndGoldForever #WeAreGlorious

Bing, over and out. 

Katie Chason