Someone Like 2

Welcome back to our #WeekOfFame ! This is our fifth blog post covering the teams from UONLHC and this week we have been finding out all about the Ladies 2s. Currently 4th in North B, the Ladies 2s are captained by Yem Alice who had this to say about the season: "a 6 point deduction doesn't define you, memories do." So, let's hear about the memories the 2s have made this year:  

Best Moment: Victory in their matches against Leeds and Durham - these were two very tough matches and the 2s celebrated their victories joyously with frivolous amounts of cake and juice post games! 


"Being voted best fresh" a real achievement in the world of hockey. 

Worst Moment: The Walkover. Unfortunately, the team lost BUCS points this year due to a walkover, they remain positive however and are looking forward to playing their final match to prove they should remain in North B. 

Best Team Achievement: "Not getting relegated (hopefully)" 

"Beating Durham"


Loving the "Program" ba ba ba ba baa I'm l o v i n g it. 

Best Individual Achievement: "Befriending Yem to stay in the team" keep your captain close... 

"Not falling over during a match" balance is an essential part of day to day life, especially in sports 

"Shmedic of the team" Shout out to all the medics who play for UONLHC we honestly do not know how you do it. 

Funniest Moments: 

"Yem post bus journey with Rugby League." We love sharing bus journeys with other UON teams. After one bus journey we thought we might have lost Yem to rugby but thankfully she safely returned to hockey, even managing to lead Thursday fitness like a trooper. Troop on Yem, troop on! 

Milly's notorious habit of running away, Hoy Hoy!  

(Wo)Man of the Match: Phil / DOD: Yem 

Favourite Snack: N/A because they have no freshers *cue worlds tiniest violin* the Spa shop can be found downstairs in Portland: for just 50p a week you could sponsors bus snacks for the Ladies 2s. 

Team Song: anything BCL (legends) / 16 shots – Stefflon Don 

Favourite Senior: Yem
Favourite Fresher: Phil 

Thanks for reading! Massive good luck to the 2s this week, we hope Wednesday is a #WINSDAY for you. And just remember: "What I'mma do, they ain't prepared for" - Stefflon Don. Join us next week for our final blog post in the #WeekOfFame series (cry) when we get to learn all about our Ladies 1s. Until next time, stay green and gold. 

Katie Chason